Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Addi is so loved.

So our little "raffle" has turned into a BIG drawing! We heard today from IFOPA that legally we have to call it a drawing or else we need a license for gambling so donors are now officially donating to Addi's Drawing from the Heart. IFOPA has also given Addi her own tag line for donations when you donate! All of Addi's proceeds will go toward the lab at U Penn to help find a cure.

We are actually getting the opportunity to travel to that lab next week. We will be seeing Dr. Kaplan and learn more about Addi's diagnosis a week from Friday, and hopefully get to tour Dr. Shore's research lab too. As much as I wish Addi didn't have to deal with this, I am so grateful we have a great team of doctors and scientists on this. 75% of their funding comes from the families and friends of FOP patients like Addi. We are all important in keeping them going until we get a cure.

Our donors are doing a great job in furthering this cause and  are being so generous with this drawing! We now have over $500 in prizes and there are still more coming in. I have been so in awe this week of how much love has been shown toward our family and especially Addi. People's hearts are really showing their goodness to our family this week and we are so grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people in this amazing community.

Katie has raised over $600 in Christmas Mini-sessions for IFOPA! She still has openings on the 19th if you are interested. Her pictures are priceless and donating with your heart will do more good than you know.

After some people expressed interest in donating later this month and our family's trip to Philadelphia next week, we have decided to keep our drawing open an extra week until November 26th. Winners will hopefully be announced Monday, November 28th, pending receiving our donor list from IFOPA.

Thank you so much for your love and support! Our hearts are full to the brim tonight!

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